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About Us

A proudly-Filipino Electronic company with quality


Jadrel Corporation is one of the leading home appliance companies in the Philippines. Jadrel brand has always been synonymous with “quality” – in products, people and its processes.


It is our vision to introduce products with better features and to become one of the country’s leading brands of home appliances.


Jadrel Electrical Manufacturing Corporation aims to produce the best quality home appliances, with a commitment on product quality and innovation to enhance customer satisfaction.

The Company places commitment in its employees by putting their safety, engagement and growth as priorities.

Jadrel is likewise committed to comply with all applicable regulations, sustain its Quality Management System and implement continuous organizational improvements to further enhance its customer and employee satisfaction.


At Jadrel Electrical Mfg. Corp., we strive to provide quality and innovative home appliances that give our customer the best value for their money and an exceptional experience. To do this, we will continually seek to improve our after-sales service and our technology will constantly be updated to keep up with the changing demand of the Philippine market. For outstanding financial performance and sustainable growth, production efficiency will be improved through research-and-development efforts. As our partners in growth, our employees will grow with us and we will ensure healthy labor relations within the company. In addition, we will seek to improve our community through activities that benefit the society and the environment. Furthermore, we will prioritize utmost integrity in all business practices.

ISO 9001:2021

Here at Jadrel, we take pride in integrating quality in our management system for better products and customer service. In line with our commitment, we continue to design and implement management policies and systems that comply with international standards. With these efforts, Jadrel Electrical Manufacturing Corporation proudly earned its ISO 9001:2005 certification for Quality Managment Systems in May 2018.